Rewards & recognition revolutionised.

Work Honors builds better businesses by recognising and rewarding employees and other workplace stakeholders. Set goals, automate rewards and keep your business moving forward, all in one revolutionary platform.

Work place engagement = solved.

What we do
Rewards & Recognition

Motivation keeps your business moving forward.

Everyone (and we mean everyone) likes to feel inspired, motivated and most of all appreciated. By rewarding their success and keeping them engaged, you'll be creating a culture of recognition. And when employees and other stakeholders in your business know their hard work and commitment doesn't go unnoticed, you'll soon noticed your business as a whole starts accelerating.

Work Honors inspires teams, and when you show appreciation, this creates motivation.

How it works

Recognition drives results & increases employee retention.

Losing a talented employee not only costs a valuable asset, but the cost and time it takes to find and train a replacement can be huge. Work Honors allows managers to recognise and reward employees regularly, meaning everyone looks forward to coming to work every morning and has no plans to leave any time soon.

Rather than chasing talent when they feel demotivated, undervalued and already have one foot out the door, give them a reason to stick around and fall in love with their job again.

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Rewards that mean more = employees that achieve more.

Employees value experiences more than things, and value things more than money. Sounds crazy right? But it's true; rather than cold hard cash, research shows that when receiving a choice of reward, employees are more likely to choose a massage over money. With this in mind, Work Honors gives your team access to thousands of gifts and experiences to choose from, built right into the platform.

That way when you reward that high-flyer, they're receiving the gift of choice (as well as whatever they like from an extensive list of rewards you control).

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Use all your data feeds to prompt reward allocation.

Work Honors can be fully automated (if you want it to be). Plug-in all your relevant data feeds, such as sales and HR, and set targets to aim for. Everything is fully customisable from setting targets for teams to individuals and it can all be done based on the metrics you care about.

Plug-in the feeds, set the targets and watch your teams strive to hit them. It's progress that everyone can see and creates a sense of personal competition that motivates while keeping things moving.

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Data Feeds

Engagement for everyone through cultural change.

Think of the relationships you have with your friends, there's no winner or loser, you both want the best for each other. It's a mutually beneficial relationship and one you both enjoy being a part of. The same has to be said for the relationship between people and work. Employees should want the best for the corporation they are a part of and the corporation should want the best for their employees.

When this mutual cycle begins amazing things can happen. Employees stay for longer, the best talent comes along and everyone starts doing more, together.

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