We build cultures of recognition.

Work Honors is an employee recognition and rewards platform that encourages engagement and promotes success. The result is a company culture that drives your business forward while retaining employees and attracting new high-performing talent.

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Culture of Recognition
Employees engaged

Everything employees need to stay motivated and engaged.

Work Honors is built on humanistic technology. It's our fancy way of saying our platform has been built with people in mind, and that's what it's all about really; people. We're not saying the future of motivation is non-verbal communication, quite the contrary, instead we're promoting the importance of motivation through regular recognition.

We've built Work Honors for everyone, from entry-level graduates to CEOs, to allow every team member to be a part of something amazing. Everything needed to take any business to the next level and to keep on growing can be achieved through Work Honors. It all comes down to individual motivation.

Better culture = better business & a happier, more productive environment.

Could your work environment be even better? Probably, you just might not even know it yet. Behind every successful business is a positive and productive culture and that is exactly what Work Honors promotes. We don't mean high-fives and stickers, we're talking about building a work family that everyone wants to be a part of and wants to stick around for.

When this culture is in place, anything is possible. Teams naturally support each other and the result is far beyond anything you could expect.

More productive environment
Reduce staff turnover

Reduce staff turnover and retain employees for longer.

Humans are complex beings, but the simple fact is if someone isn't happy, they won't stick around for long. There may be no warning signs either; no frowns or turning up late to work. Instead it could be building up internally and if an employee isn't feeling appreciated they aren't feeling happy, and the least anyone expects from their work place is to be happy.

By offering the prospects of awards, target setting and individual congratulations, employees will instantly feel appreciated and as though they are a part of something big working towards something even bigger.

Total control over goals, rewards and engagement.

With Work Honors, you are completely in control over all aspects of people and prizes. You decided who is on the platform, how they are setup and what targets they have to work towards. We get it; every business is different and their rewards platform should reflect this too.

All rewards are customisable too, meaning you can remove any that may not be suitable, such as products from competitors.

Total control

Thousands of rewards already built in to Work Honors.

Give them the gift of choice with thousands of rewards already available through Work Honors. We work with trusted supplier partners to offer everything anyone could want, from massages to mobile phones. Work Honors award choices are exceptionally diverse and completely customisable.

Forget kitchen appliances, we're talking rewards that will inspire employees. And when a team knows their work will be rewarded, there's no stopping what they can create.

Get started with Work Honors.

If it's time for change where you work, get in touch with us today. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on how you can make the best from the Work Honors platform. No pushy hard-sell, just a chat with one of our lovely team.

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