Rewards & reporting in real-time.

Work Honors is a platform that connects employees and business data to autonomously trigger rewards and notifications in real-time. Segment users by groups, create reward tiers and offers, or message employees 1 on 1, it can all be done through the Work Honors app.

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Rewards & reporting in real-time
Recognise & reward employees

Work Honors makes recognising and rewarding employees seamless.

Everything you need to build a company culture focused on recognition and success, all in a single platform. Work Honors connects all employees together making it easy to create perks, set goals, award recognition and offer feedback across your entire organisation.

With all team members added, goals and awards set, and your key business metrics plugged in, Work Honors becomes a powerful tool with the aim of building a successful culture that drives business forward.

Integrate with business data from HR, Sales, Customer Service & more.

Metrics matter, which is why with Work Honors you can plugin any feeds you want to use in order to track progress and set goals. A spontaneous 'well done' is always greatly received, but having goals set based on the data your business runs on will mean much more to you and your employees.

Plugging in data is easy, much like the rest of Work Honors. Data can come from multiple feeds such as sales, customer service, HR and many more.

Integrate with business data

Keep your teams aiming high with custom-set goals.

With Work Honors, you are in complete control. When it comes to goal setting, you have complete flexibility on what goals are set, how they're measured, what the award will be and whether goals are set for teams or individuals. Giving teams more than one goal to aim for keeps them aiming high and engaged with the work they are doing.

Set goals for the week, month, quarter. Set benchmarks for sales or averages for customer service. How you set your goals is up to you.

Segment users in a way that works for you.

Every organisation is different, which is why we built Work Honors to work with every organisation. Whether your company is built on an employee by employee individual basis, or you have teams within departments, Work Honors can be setup in the same way as your company.

Flexibility is key when it comes to Work Honors, and with personnel changes happening throughout all tiers of an organisation at any time, the platform can adapt to match where your business is right now.

Control your user groups with reward tiers and offers.

Like everything else with Work Honors, rewards are completely customisable as well. Create reward tiers or special offers to gain an extra boost from your work force when you need. Set short-term goals with award incentives and offer different awards based on user output.

With teams organised into groups, you can set specific awards that will appeal most to that specific team. It's easier to get fired-up about a weekend away than a toaster.

Check in on how everyone is doing with real-time detailed reporting.

See how your teams are doing across your entire organisation, right within Work Honors. With your key business data metrics plugged in, you can see how each team and each individual are doing and the goals they've hit so far. It's far easier than digging out reports and requesting meetings.

Work Honors is a key tool to not only building a successful company culture, but recording that success as well. With a birds eye view across the business, you can pin point where big wins are happening and who is responsible for making those happen.

Keep in the loop at all times with notifications.

Get notified as goals are hit and team members excel. This not only helps you keep track of progress, but offers you the opportunity to add a personal congratulations within the Work Honors platform. That way you can carry on doing what you do best, knowing that your work culture is being built in the background.

Work Honors was built to be easy and to fit in seamlessly with the way your business already works.

See how it works, get in contact with us today.

If it's time for change where you work, get in touch with us today. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on how you can make the best from the Work Honors platform. No pushy hard-sell, just a chat with one of our lovely team.

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