Thousands of rewards ready to choose.

Work Honors gives you access to thousands of rewards with a wide value range, from experiences to stay overs, dining and much more. Employees appreciate an experience such as those offered on Work Honors far more than monetary or physical items, so give your team something that will motivate them.

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Thousands of rewards
Configurable rewards

Rewards are completely configurable to exclude competitor brands.

We get it, there couldn't be much worse than awarding your employees products made by your biggest competitor. So with that in mind, we build Work Honors to allow you to exclude any awards you see as not being appropriate for your teams.

But it doesn't just stop at not including competitors. Work Honors allows you to choose the award types to include and the monetary value range as well, giving you complete control over what your employees see and what they can win.

Thousands of rewards to choose from, all over the world.

Work Honors is global with dining, experience days and trips away available all over the world. We're able to take care of the entire package if you like and arrange transfers and flights to really reward those high-flyers and make everything completely seamless.

Come to think of it, there isn't much Work Honors can't do. And with awards on offer globally, it really expands your employee's horizons and consequently, the horizons of your business.

Thousands of rewards
Experiences for all

Experiences for all, from fighter jets to spa days.

Employees value experiences far more than money, and built in to Work Honors are thousands of experience days available all over the world. There's everything for everyone from relaxing spa days to unwind after months working hard on that tough project to exhilarating jet fighter rides over Paris to keep those high-performers adrenaline pumping and wanting more.

The bottom line is, there is an award for every one of your employees, no matter on their job role or personality type (everyone is different after all).

Thousands of stay overs to get excited about.

There's nothing that can come close to being awarded a weekend away (or longer) to somewhere totally amazing. And that's just what Work Honors offers. In our catalogue of stay overs are some of the most incredible and unique locations in the world and something for your teams to really set their sights on.

In terms of the award, we can provide as much or as little as you require. From simply awarding the tickets to organising a full VIP experience. Ideal for those who not only go the extra mile, but the extra 100 miles and beyond.

Stay overs
Dining rewards

Dining rewards to get your teams hungry for success.

Food. Everyone likes it, and we're not talking pizzas delivered to your desk. Our dining catalogue is full of the best places to go, big and small. From vouchers for chain eateries to exclusive bookings at places with dress codes, everyone is going to be hungry for awards when they see what's on offer.

Dining rewards prove to be cost effective and culturally effective, too. Nothing says well done better than a congratulatory note and celebrating at your go-to plate pleaser.

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If it's time for change where you work, get in touch with us today. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on how you can make the best from the Work Honors platform. No pushy hard-sell, just a chat with one of our lovely team.

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