Recognition motivates & inspires.

Building recognition into company culture is a fast and effective way to motivate your teams and encourage rapid growth. Work Honors allows you to automate recognition based on goals set by you as well as giving you the opportunity to personally commend those going above and beyond.

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Driving force behind successful business

Recognition is the driving force behind successful business.

Better than dangling even the biggest carrot, recognition is the single best way to encourage success. It's personal, it inspires and it promotes repeat successful behaviour. When an employee is recognised for their work, it creates a sense of purpose and shows that their work is making a difference. Once an employee experiences this feeling once, they'll be keen to repeat it again and again.

Work Honors give recognition more meaning. An added gesture, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference to company culture.

Work Honors allows you to recognise individuals and teams.

Every business is different, which is why Work Honors is built to accommodate everyone, from the smallest start-up to the largest organisation. Recognise a team for producing an exceptional project or individuals within that team for their unique contributions. Work Honors is the ultimate employee reward platform designed to work with any business.

It's up to you how you use Work Honors. But no matter how you do, the resulting positive business culture will be always be the same.

Publicly recognise key performers to inspire growth elsewhere.

Recognising individuals in private is a great way of adding a personal touch to your message and making that person feel truly valued. But public recognition has the power to inspire others and add a little something extra to the one being awarded, knowing that everyone knows what contribution they've made. It's a great way to build company culture further.

Publicly awarding individuals is perfect for building a successful culture quickly and allowing all employees to see you're not afraid to recognise those who make a difference and deserve a shout out.

Offer a personalised congratulations one on one.

Sometimes a personalised one-on-one congratulations is the ultimate 'well done', A personal message from one employee to another thanking them for their work or helping them out, even without an award is a powerful gesture. After all, there may be some on your team that respond to a quiet recognition better and who may just prefer to keep things on the down-low.

In the same way an individual may be congratulated in a private meeting, or one-on-one in a email, it's all possible in Work Honors.

Work Honors works for everyone in every company, big or small.

Work Honors has been designed to work in every organisation, big or small, and for every team member. To build a successful company culture, you must include everyone in that culture, which is why Work Honors works across the board, no matter what the role or seniority.

This is partly down to the mass customisation available within Work Honors. You can built the teams, choose the awards and set the goals, meaning everyone in your organisation can be a part of the culture. And when you have everyone behind your organisation, amazing things happen.

Gain exposure to how your whole team is performing.

With important business metrics being fed into Work Honors, you can instantly see a snapshot of how your teams are performing. With team members added, feeds plugged in and goals set, you can see progress by each team and individual member towards the goals you set.

This means no more digging through reports, requesting 'catch up' meetings and remembering what metrics and goals were set three months ago. Just login to Work Honors and it's all there.

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